alt Autumn Tapestry, Valley at Hesitation Point

Autumn Tapestry, Valley at Hesitation Point

Tim Greatbatch

James R. Ross Fine Art

Oil on canvas
50 x 42 inches

Other Information
Framed: 55 3/4 x 47 3/4 inches
Inscription: Signed and dated lower right
Provenance: The artist.
Exhibited: Nashville, Indiana, Brown County Art Gallery, "Brown County State Park: Indiana's Crown Jewel," October 2–November 14, 2021 (19).
Literature: Illustrated in the catalog accompanying the above exhibition, p. 16 (color).
Note: From the artist: "The title is derived from its large vertical shape. The composition removes the sky completely and expands the view of the valley vertically to include more foreground hills. The omission of a horizon blurs the context of a traditional landscape while the added foreground creates new areas of light and shadow. While staying true to nature, the overall effect is a bit abstract, as the color and patterns have in effect become the skeletal structure of the painting."
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